Bathroom Decorations – Tips and Ideas

If it’s contemporary or retro traditional or quirky, bathroom decorations should be looked at as an important part of the general home decoration overall look, as most guests will at some point want to use the room. Your bathroom decor is crucial if you intend to sell your home as most buyers when making a decision place a large part emphasis on the bathroom and kitchen. Even if you intend to stay you will want the very best your finances can stretch to. A cheap solution is to make good any damage to your tiles.

Bathroom Decor & Tiles

It could be that you simply want to revamp your bathroom with a lick of paint and a few bath decor accessories. However if you have broken or cracked tiles, or need to remove an unwanted fixture from a tiled surface, it is worth looking at ways to replace them. When purchasing your bathroom decor tiles it is always a good idea to buy slightly more than you need in case you need to carry out repairs further along the line.

  • Tip on Replacing a Damaged Tile To remove the existing tile, scrape away the around the tile, a grout saw is the best tool for this and then break up the tile using a hammer and chisel. Once you have removed the first piece you can get under the edge of the tile to pry the remainder away. Then smooth the area, an old chisel and paint scraper will usually do the job. You can then use your replacement tiles to make the area good as new
  • Introducing a Decorative Tile If you have no replacement tiles, or want to introduce a splash or color to fully compliment your new themed bathroom decor; using the damaged areas as you basis for your designs draw out with precision and care where you want the new tiles to go, this could be in a random fashion or a by inserting a whole row, or smaller blocks of decorative tiles. When planning think about how many tiles you will have to remove and the difficulty that could pose; a small bathroom could be swamped by introducing too many decorative tiles. Remember your new decorative tiles are wall art not just a functional aspect of your bathroom.

Bathroom Decor Ideas

You will almost certainly have a theme in mind for your bathroom. However, to get inspiration for bathroom decorating, have a look at around, and get ideas for every aspect of modern bathroom apparel by researching what is available. Have a look at the wonderful range of consoles and cabinets to perfect your look and for space saving ideas consider introducing a corner bathroom vanity set.

  • Rustic Bathroom Decor Investigate Pottery Barn for rustic bathroom decor they also have a range of organic bath towels, shower curtains and rugs to compliment most theme bathroom decorations. If you are inspired by traditional country themes, for contemporary up to the minute ideas, it is certainly worth a look. Linens and Things are another store that offers invaluable insight into what you can achieve and don’t forget to check out the clearance bath section.
  • Beach Theme Bathroom Particularly suitable for a small bathroom on a budget, a beach theme bathroom is a fun way to introduce all the elements of nature without the expense. Use sea shells as soap holders for that seashell bathroom decor look, and instant mural sea wall transfer stickers to add to the style. The look can also be complimented by accessories in muted tones for a calming effect, or bright striped tones for a cheerful seaside look. It is also worth looking at Bed Bath and Beyond who have a fabulous range of beach themed items. For great accessories check out our bathroom seashell decorations post and make sure to revamp old styles with new decorations!
  • Kids Bathroom Decorations If your kids are lucky enough to have there own bathroom, you can really let loose when decorating bathrooms. Bold colors and practical safety features such as funky bath slip mats will probably dominate, consider nautical themes, and you really must take at look at Ikea for cute child friendly design ideas.
  • Zebra Bathroom Decorations When it comes to bathroom color schemes, using black and white is a stylish way to create a timeless bathroom. If you have this style and want bathroom decorations ideas to add a funky twist try complementing the theme with zebra bathroom decorations. A zebra shower curtain and shower accessories makes a dramatic impact and coupled with bathroom towel decor to match, with bathroom decorations you can instantly transform a traditional room into something that compliments your individual style.