Kids beds style

Styles in the interior of the nursery are very diverse and bright in comparison with the interior of other rooms. You can create a universal style that will be relevant at any age period of the child, and you can experiment and change the appearance of the room as the child grows up, taking into account his interests and Hobbies.

Styles beds

Most often, styles are used when decorating a children’s room:

  • Provence;
  • Classic;
  • Scandinavian;
  • Marine.

Classic beds
Classics are popular at all times. This interior is characterized by great convenience and comfort, and only natural materials of pastel colors are used in the decoration. Decorative elements – paintings, mirrors in frames, chandeliers, statuettes. Furniture made of solid wood or other natural materials with soft textile upholstery. The choice of a child’s bed for any interior depends on the age of the child.

Classic style beds are characterized by the absence of fancy details and the presence of a high headboard.

The headboard is different: hard or upholstered. Hard most often has a rectangular shape and is made of solid wood of dark or light colors. There are options with carved or painted ornaments. In options, iron beds – wrought iron headboard with smooth wave-like elements.
The soft headboard is not only beautiful, it protects the baby’s head from injuries. Options for such forms of headboards can be very different: oval, curly. They can be covered with leather or fabric.

Scandinavian style beds

Interiors in this style are characterized by minimalism. There is nothing superfluous, everything is practical and simple. Modular furniture is easy to change its shape. As a sleeping place, sofa beds with comfortable headboards are often used. This greatly saves space in the room and allows you to easily change the situation. The upholstery is made of good-quality fabrics. A distinctive feature of beds is the ability to transform. Beds for babies have a wooden frame with a pendulum swing mechanism. The convenient descending front wall can be removed as the baby grows up. The bottom height can be adjusted.

Various manufacturers offer options with lifting mechanisms that allow you to lift the mattress. Under it there is a convenient place to store bedding. In most of the models included convenient boxes.

Provencal style

This interior is romantic and gives space for design creativity. It allows you to easily update the environment without subjecting it to drastic changes. All design elements are made of safe natural materials in pastel colors. Main colors: cream, pink, white, terracotta, lavender, blue. A child’s bed for this style is chosen with smooth curves, aged surfaces, with paintings or patterns. It should evoke a sense of ease and convenience at the same time. All furniture items are simple in design. The most beautiful look in this interior is iron beds with high headboards and elements of forging

Marine style

To design a children’s room in marine style, you need to fill the room with items related to the sea. It is suitable for dreamy, romantic, travel-loving and adventurous natures. The style is ideal for boys ‘ bedrooms. According to the color scheme, the interior should be designed in calm tones. You can use different shades of pale blue, blue, white, gray or sand tones. Sea-stripe ornaments are possible.