Do you have a little, squeezed kitchen that needs some additional counter or cupboard space?

kitchen and living room designs combine

Or, on the other hand, maybe your kitchen is large enough for the whole family to accumulate in it, and your room is not used.


The remodeling model, which has been the dominant trend since the mid-90s, is to combine the living room and kitchen into one purpose room, called the “incredible” room. You can really make a lot of extra room in your home without making a choice, basically using the existing underused space.

Most families invest more energy in the kitchen than some other room. In the course of recent decades, fundamental floor plans have seen a pattern toward an incredible room that capacities as the primary living region, and a pattern away from unmistakable kitchens, parlors, and lounge areas. By placing these primary rooms in a common, open space, contemporary structure has put the core of the home where the majority of the activity happens.


This exemplary Great Room by Case Design incorporates a lot of happy with living space adjoining the kitchen and eating region. Columns were included where the divider was evacuated to hold some division between the joined spaces.

Listen to Ronald Reagan and “…tear down this wall!”

More established homes with loads of discrete rooms regularly have a bit of leeway with regards to redesigning ventures: all that is typically isolating these fundamental living regions is a few dividers. Evacuating the dividers makes a light, open inclination with extra spaces that can be utilized for additional civilities and capacity.

Consider this example floor plan. This is the kind of plan I prescribe to my companions and customers who would prefer not to spend far too much on an expansion however are confronted with constrained space and a lot of isolated rooms.


This 1569 square foot home from Stockton Design has an extraordinary room as the whole principle floor of the home. You can see where dividers used to isolate the feasting, living, and kitchen zones. An island currently gives extra stockpiling and counter space, just as some detachment between the kitchen and eating territory. While this arrangement incorporates a little lobby, it could without much of a stretch be cut off and made into a mudroom.

Numerous homes developed pre-1990s are structured with what I like to call the Bermuda Triangle of the fundamental floor: the kitchen, lounge area, and living zone are for the most part nearby each other however isolated by a lot of dividers and short corridors. Evacuating these dividers and lobbies can make enough space for an island in the kitchen, a stroll in undies, a pantry, and a powder room, all neighboring the extraordinary room, without doing an expensive expansion. Homes with a front lobby have significantly more space to work with. Lobbies are pleasant tastefully, however they are, truth be told, a major waste. Halls in fair sized current homes have to a great extent been supplanted by mudrooms, which can be situated off any passage to the home.

In a redesign on a medium sized home with a lobby, the property holder has significantly more space to work with. It’s anything but difficult to put a mudroom where the hall was, however in the event that another passage gets utilized more, I suggest that a mudroom be included there and the old anteroom consumed by the room it’s as of now contiguous. This frequently implies including a mudroom off the kitchen where the passageway from the carport is generally found, and afterward moving the kitchen space toward the living or eating region.

The kitchen is the new front room

Mortgage holders are presently moving toward their homes as long haul resources instead of momentary speculations. It’s not generally reasonable for families to exchange out their present home for another one as the family develops and its needs change. This implies expanding usable living space is a key part of creative redesigning. Mortgage holders and planners the same are meeting people’s high expectations by discovering some imaginative approaches to benefit as much as possible from existing spaces.

The kitchen is the spot that most families do their living, while their assigned “front rooms” have transformed into burial service homes for obsolete furnishings. Present day inside structure offers thoughts for changing unused lounge space into a kitchen with highlights like a stroll in storeroom, pantry, PC reassure, additional counter space, and extra machines. Contemporary kitchens coordinate courtesies that make cooking, cleaning, and capacity progressively proficient.

This redesign by Case Design supplanted divider between the kitchen, feasting, and living territory with columns to offer help and straightforwardness between the three spaces, giving it an open, yet still organized feel.

Be an individual from your family rather than a slave in your kitchen

Consolidating living spaces builds the quality and amount of time a family spends together. What’s more, if that is insufficient to persuade you to thump down a divider and transform your end table into fuel, think about these different thoughts.

Homes with discrete parlors and kitchens further disconnect families toward the finish of a day separated. Incorporating the front room and kitchen permits relatives to unwind by the day’s end while getting a charge out of the organization of a companion or parent who’s planning supper.

Individuals will in general relocate to the kitchen since that is the place the activity is. Consolidating the family room and kitchen into one incredible room puts squandered lounge room space to use by growing the kitchen and bringing individuals again into their living region. Some home redesigns are scaling down or out and out disposing of their living territory by building an eating region with courtesies nearby the kitchen.


This inventive Case configuration has put the lounge area directly in the center of this open kitchen by making an island that duplicates a feasting table. The table top is a sturdy characteristic stone chunk appropriate as a workspace and feasting.

With the resurgence of ranch to-showcase food and an expanded consciousness of wellbeing and sustenance, American families are investing more energy in the kitchen preparing and sharing dinners together. Numerous families are glad to exchange less regularly utilized lounge space for inventive kitchen comforts and apparatuses that make cooking and cleanup quicker, simpler, and increasingly a good time for the entire family.

More family units are finding the home office room out of date in the wake of PCs electronic recording frameworks. A current office or lair can turn into a genuinely necessary room when a consolidated kitchen and family room incorporates an office niche, PC reassure, or potentially work table.

This incorporated kitchen rebuild gives our cook the ideal vantage point for supersizing schoolwork while getting ready supper!

Keep in mind, you needn’t bother with all the more area to expand your usable living space and the usefulness of your home. All you need is a divider, a heavy hammer, and a brain to utilize it.