Fitted kitchen

Built-in kitchens are becoming more popular today. You can hear about them on TV or read about them in a General, the phrase has become quite familiar. But does everyone know what it is?

How do I choose a built-in kitchen?

fitted kitchen

fitted kitchen

The built-in kitchen is defined differently:

  1. The set is installed in such a way that the installation takes into account the location of various window sills, protruding parts of walls and pipes. This installation is relevant for small kitchen spaces.
  2. The second option involves household appliances installed in the kitchen set. You can build almost any household appliances, but most often built-in kitchens hide dishwashers and washing machines, ovens, and microwaves. In addition to various appliances, in the niches of this type of headsets set knife stands, dish shelves, and kitchen utensils that could take up space on the table.

The built-in kitchen allows you to save space to the maximum and makes the room look very unusual. As a rule, people are used to seeing ovens, microwaves, and other appliances in the kitchen. With a built-in kitchen, it’s as if something is missing.

If you set a goal and have a suitable set, the built-in kitchen, placed with your own hands, will become a completely feasible task. It is only necessary to correctly make all the necessary measurements and choose the right appliances, again, a lot depends on the already installed headset and the size of the kitchen.

fitted kitchen

Orders for built-in kitchens are common nowadays. There are a lot of firms and agencies. Specialists will take into account all the dimensions and features of your premises. Some manufacturers even offer options already equipped with special equipment.

Useful tips for the category of people who decided to do everything on their own:

  1. Do not listen to the popular opinion that the dishwasher and washing machine should be located next to each other. This is only beneficial for those who install them to save themselves the hassle of connecting. The kitchen area, as well as the bathroom, is not the best place for a washing machine.
  2. Do not place the refrigerator near warm appliances. For example, stoves, batteries, and ovens will not be the best neighbors for a refrigerator.
  3. The depth of the lower niches of the headset is usually 60 cm, this size should be taken into account when selecting equipment.
  4. Before you get down to business, it is better to carefully plan the plan of the future kitchen on paper, sketching drawings, so that later it does not turn out that all the appliances are built-in, but there is no place for dishes now at all.

About the advantages and disadvantages of

fitted kitchen

The advantages of a built-in kitchen include its harmonious appearance.

It seems to be something integral and indivisible, and various household appliances that stand here and there in an ordinary kitchen are not noticeable. Embedded technology allows you to use the space with greater efficiency and convenience.

If we talk about the built-in headset, you can choose any configuration. For example, when the walls are equipped with niches and protrusions, the presence of which prevents the installation of ordinary kitchen furniture, a hinged Cabinet can not be placed on a wavy wall. Installing a built-in headset that will be designed with all the nuances of the room in mind, interacting harmoniously with them, will help to give the kitchen a pleasant and comfortable look, most importantly, it will be convenient.

fitted kitchen

When it comes to installing a built-in kitchen, you should think about and calculate the location of all its elements, because it will be very problematic to change anything.

There are cases when there are problems with household appliances, and it is not so easy to get to it if it is built-in. You have to partially disassemble the set, remove the countertop, and so on. This point can be considered another reason why you should choose high-quality equipment.

Conclusion on the topic

fitted kitchen

The built-in kitchen is an excellent design solution and allows you to save a lot of space by embedding appliances. All this allows you to radically change and refresh the usual look of the kitchen. It is quite convenient to use such a kitchen, especially if it was correctly designed and installed.

Some people believe that built-in kitchens are a fashion statement. They have a great appearance, are incredibly convenient and functional, and are expensive. But everyone decides on their own what suits them best in terms of capabilities and preferences.